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ChahinLeather® strap leather is 100% vegetable-tanned in the same four-week process as our skirting leather but leveled for a more uniform thickness. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is drum-dyed for uniform coloring. ChahinLeather’s® artisanal tanning process produces strap leather that takes tooling well and also oils and dyes uniformly. Products made with this leather will develop a beautiful patina with use over time.


Uses: Tooling, carving, stamping, embossing, and dyeing.

Products: Belts, dog collars, tack, holsters, sheaths, arborist products, journal covers, pouches, bags, briefcases.

Average square feet: 22-24

Gauged: Butt

Hide Type: Jumbo Heavy Native Steer


American Leather Direct is a proud distributor of ChahinLeather®. Their high-quality leather has been used in a wide range of industries including equine, furniture, and fashion for over 80 years.

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