Grades and Weights

Our vegetable tanned leather is full grain, meaning we do not buff or correct the grain (unless specifically requested). We leave the original integrity of our hides intact, leaving the fibers strong.
A sign of a quality, full grain leather is some natural variations and markings. Some natural defects include fat wrinkles, scratches, scars, and insect bites. The grading system is based on the number of cosmetic blemishes in the hide. The quality of the hides are the same regardless of the grade since they are all tanned in the same process.
Brands are found in most economy and number 3 grade hides. Some  seek out hides with brands when creating projects to make them more unique.  TR or TRBF are the grades that we currently offer online. Please contact us to request of any other grade.
Weight (Thickness)
The thickness of leather is measured in ounces. The weight can vary between sides due to natural variations in leather. Different types of leather are gauged in different areas of the hide (usually butt or shoulder area). The butt area of the hide is usually the thickest part of the hide. The shoulder area is generally thinner except in some types of leather such as heavy harness. Some of our sides have been leveled for more consistency in thickness.
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