Cutting Services


Not only can we provide leather to suit your project needs, we also offer cut parts using ChahinLeather®. When designing your cut parts, you have access to a wide range of leather options, custom dies, and a team of skilled leather crafters. The parts are cut intentionally with your specifications, yield, and quality in mind.

Here are a few examples of the cut parts we can provide:

  • Straps (leather and rawhide)
  • Belt blanks
  • Coasters
  • Mouse pads
  • Shoulder straps
  • Lash tabs
  • Conchos
  • Halter blanks
  • Purse straps and handles
  • Custom shapes based on your own specs.



Why use cut services?


Fix your costs

Quotes are calculated per cut part piece for simplicity.

Increase productivity

Spend less time cutting and calculating yields, and more time creating.


Less leather waste

Receive only the parts that you need.

Custom dies

Provide the specs for your product and we can provide dies specifically for your projects.

Design flexibility

Design custom dies for your items while eliminating the need for investing in machinery.

Full Grain leather

Our cut parts are made with high quality, ChahinLeather™. Learn more about our leather.


Count on the same quality pieces in every order.


Customize your cuts

In addition to offering cut parts, we can also add finishing details.

  • Beveling
  • Stitched details 
  • Embossing
  • Laser engraving
  • Edge painting
  • Hole punching 


Interested in us taking over even more of the production? The process is simple:


Simply fill out the form below with your project idea or service requested. Please include as many details as possible such as photos or sketches.



We will review your project and reach out to you to discuss your project in more detail. Once finalized, you will receive a quote with the price per unit, estimated lead time, and minimum order quantity.



After quote approval, our skilled leather craftsmen will begin the project. Most members of the production team have over 30 years of experience. Our team pays as much attention to the details as you would if you were creating it yourself.  



After the order is complete, the project is shipped to you and the tracking number will be provided. We can even package your product.              

If you are ready to get started or have questions simply fill out the form below.



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