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Leather Laces


ALD is proud to offer a wide range of leather laces through LeatherLaces Direct™ that are perfect for shoes, sports equipment, crafts, and more. LeatherLaces Direct™ offers both chrome and alum laces in a variety colors and finishes. 



Choose the best style of your project. Find the right match for your projects with a large assortment of colors and finishes. We are also able to produce laces in custom colors.


LeatherLaces Direct laces are made from holstein hides that are known for their strength which is perfect for creating high quality leather laces. Our laces pass quality testing in pull strength, color fastness, ability to tie, and being free of hazardous substances. Testing results and details vary based on tannage and are available upon request for the specific lace types.


Our laces are perfect for shoes, re-lacing baseball gloves, stringing lacrosse sticks, lacing kits, and craft projects. Leather laces are durable and dependable for many projects.

Chrome tanned laces

Chrome tanned laces excellent for use in shoes, baseball glove lacing, lacrosse stick lacing, and many other projects.

Alum Tanned Laces

Alum tanned laces offer a higher tensile strength than chrome laces and are good for work boots. These laces are more firm and dense than chrome laces.

Cut to Your Specifications

Length: 8” (20 cm.) to 108” (274 cm.) Longer lengths available upon request.
Standard Variance: +/- 0.2mm.


Available by the bundle, spool, or custom branded packaging with your own logo.

Custom Laces

We offer custom laces to fit the needs of your specific project.

  • Pigmented finish
  • Double color laces
  • Stitched laces
  • Custom colors


Not only can we provide a range of laces for your projects, we also provide production and packaging services.

  • Braiding
  • Lace leather straps
  • Custom lacrosse laces
  • Custom branded packaging

Want samples of our laces? Order samples here or contact us below.

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