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ChahinLeather™ Holster Strap Samples





ChahinLeather™ holster strap leather is 100% vegetable tanned in the same four-week process as our tooling strap leather but specially formulated to be molded or wet formed. The artisanal tanning process produces holster strap leather that molds easily to shape desired and can still be tooled like traditional strap leather. It has more tannins than traditional strap leather, making it more firm. This is good for belts and holster rigs. The natural holster strap leather can be dyed as well. After the tanning process is complete, the black and chestnut leather is drum dyed for uniform coloring. 

Due to natural variations in leather, the samples received may vary from the hides purchased. Included in the holster strap samples are the current color offering of holster strap in various thicknesses. 

Supplier Information

American Leather Direct is a proud distributor of ChahinLeather™. Their high quality leather has been used in a wide range of industries including equine, furniture, and fashion for over 80 years.

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