Leather Literacy

The finest finished products come from expert craftsmanship and the highest-quality raw materials. The durability and quality of our leathers create products that you or your clients will keep for years. There are many types of leather that come in custom colors and a variety of sizes:

Bridle leather – This leather is fully finished with a waxy feel and minimal stretching. We advise this leather for weather-resistant belts, tack, dog collars and halters.

Skirting leather – This superior product carves and stamps easily and dyes well, making it ideal for saddles, stirrup leathers, tack and work belts.

Strap leather – This leather, similar to skirting leather, works well for holsters and other mouldable items, as it is available with a uniform thickness, it embosses and carves well, and dyes well. Some of our customers have also made electrical pouches, arborist products, belts, tack, bags and briefcases.

Harness leather – This leather is milled stuffed for maximum durability to withstand even the toughest elements. This leather is characterized by a waxy, smooth finish on the grain and flesh sides. Great for harnesses, tack, dog collars and gun slings.

Hot dipped harness leather – This leather can also withstand the elements and has a deeper pull up appearance.

Latigo leather – This is a chrome vegetable tanned leather known for its strength, flexibility and durability. Perfect for tie straps, saddle strings, utility belts, reins and headstalls.

Double Shoulders – These economical, vegetable tanned double shoulders are desirable for making finished or custom goods, as well as small products. It can be tooled and dyed, making ideal products such as belts, holsters, re-enactment creations, knife sheaths and bird toys.

Burgundy Alum – This strong, alum tanned leather has a burgundy color with a yellow center. Its pliability makes it ideal for saddle strings, bull whips and cinches.

Rawhide – Our rawhide is very strong and firm in the natural state. When wet, it becomes soft and pliable to do a variety of projects. Potential products: saddle horn wraps, stirrup covers, binding for furniture, snow shoes and drums.

Miscellaneous leather – Miscellaneous leathers are available for projects such as crafts, shoe laces or tie straps.

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