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Our Leather

Custom Colors

We can make custom colors upon request
Requires a minimum purchase of 15 sides or more


Our Chahin skirting is made from heavy native steers and is by far a superior product. This firm leather will produce high quality finished goods.

Our signature skirting carves and stamps easily and dyes well.

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Natural Tooling & Strap

Strap leather is very similar to skirting leather but is available with a more uniform thickness. This leather works well for holsters and other mouldable items.

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Bridle Leathers

Our bridle leather is fully finished with a waxy feel and minimal stretching. Beautifully finished on the top side and a smooth waxy finish on the flesh side

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Harness Leathers

Our harness leather is drum dyed for maximum durability. It is made to withstand even the toughest element. Available in hot dipped for even more weather proof durability

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Latigo Leather

Our latigo leather is a chrome veg retan. Tanned for maximum durability, this latigo is strong and able to withstand the elements.

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Double Shoulders

Our veg tanned double shoulders great for double shoulders are by far the most economical way for any leather crafter to make finished goods. Double Shoulders are also great for making custom goods and small projects.

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Burgundy Alum

This alum tanned leather is strong and durable. Burgundy color with a yellow center. Great feel, with strength and workability.

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Our rawhide is very strong and firm in the natural state. When wet it becomes soft and pliable to do a variety of projects. Dependable and great quality.

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Laces are available cut to order for any use.

Crafts, shoe laces, tie straps, the options are endless.

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Misc. Leather

Custom Colors are availabe on request.

We also offer custom cutting for belts, knife sheaths, and other leather components.

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