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Filling your DIY Leather Project Toolbox

Leatherworkers are creative artisans, taking some of nature’s most unique elements and making them into some of man’s most beloved treasures. Leatherworking is a popular hobby whose cost and time… read more →

Keeping Vegetable-Tanned Leather at its Best

Vegetable-tanned leather is beautiful, durable material, used to naturally create leathers with a varying range of texture, temper, strength, and softness. To maintain its unique luster, vegetable-tanned leather requires some… read more →

Latigo Leather

A staple in the horse industry Latigo leather is cowhide leather, tanned twice to make a rigid but pliable material. It is known for its durability. In Spanish, latigo translates… read more →

Tough as a Rawhide

“Move ’em on, head ’em up Head ’em up, move ’em on Move ’em on, head ’em up Rawhide” – Theme from TV’s Rawhide 1959 -1966   The popular 1950s… read more →

Environmentally Friendly Tanning Practices

The vegetable tanning process for leather is an age-old tradition. Vegetable tanning dates back thousands of years and relies on an extended and complex process of soaking animal hides in… read more →

Back in the Saddle

According to, horses are a $39 billion industry. With 9.2 million horses in our country, and millions of owners, riders and enthusiasts, the impact of horses continues to grow… read more →

Holding it Together

You might not think twice about an invention that is arguably one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. It has evolved over time, but its importance has remained… read more →

Leather Literacy

The finest finished products come from expert craftsmanship and the highest-quality raw materials. The durability and quality of our leathers create products that you or your clients will keep for… read more →

leather saddle

Vegetable Tanned Leather vs Chrome Tanned Leather

If you’re investing in leather, chances are you’re looking for a unique natural beauty that gets better with age. If durability is important in your handcrafted leatherworks, look for Vegetable… read more →